On What Basis Did Airspan (MIMO) Stock Rise Today?

Shares of Airspan Networks Holdings Inc. (NYSE: MIMO) were up 2.72% at the time of the most recent check, trading at $2.64 in the open market, with no apparent noteworthy news. The MIMO stock reached a session low of $2.57. What has MIMO been doing lately? Two significant client orders for its new solutions for […]

Stock In ShiftPixy (PIXY) Increased 13% Today. How Did That Happen?

At the time of the most recent check, ShiftPixy Inc. (NASD: PIXY) shares were up 13.000%, trading for $12.43 on the open market. In light of recent events, the PIXY stock appeared to be gaining momentum as it finished the previous session at $11.00. What current events took place at PIXY? This month, ShiftPixy (PIXY) […]

Is FedNat (FNHC) Stock Price Up This Pre-Market Session?

At the time of our last check, shares of FedNat Holding Company (NASDAQ: FNHC) were up 7.23% to trade at $0.3767 in the pre-market. The price of FNHC shares increased 56.48% on Thursday to end at $0.35. What did FNHC do recently? FedNat (FNHC) recently received notification (the “Notice”) from the Nasdaq Stock Market’s Listing […]

Why Did The NEXGEL (NXGL) Stock Rise Nearly 17% In After-Hours Friday?

The shares of NEXGEL Inc. (NASD: NXGL) traded 16.90% higher in after-hours trading, recovering from a regular-session loss of -10.12%. There were 14.8K shares traded in the regular sessions. NXGL recently announced what? NXGEL (NXGL) last week announced that its CEO, Adam Levy, will participate at LD Micro’s Main Event XV Conference in Los Angeles, […]

How Did The Connexa Sports (CNXA) Stock Rise In Extended Session?

At last check, Connexa Sports Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: CNXA) shares were trading at $0.5149 despite no significant news. The stock increased 62.01% to close Tuesday’s session at $0.47 on 26.76 million shares traded. Is there anything new at CNXA? As part of its recent collegiate tennis announcement, Connexa Sports (CNXA) will be partnering with Lubbock […]

Why Has Gamida Cell (GMDA) Stock Dropped Today?

Gamida Cell Ltd. (NASDAQ: GMDA) shares plunged by -18.65% on Wednesday after the company announced the pricing of its offering. GMDA stock closed the last session at $1.61 trading 0.33 million shares. How much has GMDA announced for its pricing? In a follow-on public offering, Gamida Cell (GMDA) has announced the pricing of 12,905,000 ordinary […]

What Drove United Maritime Corp. (USEA) Stock Up 12% Today?

Shares of United Maritime Corporation (NASDAQ: USEA) gained 12.50% in Thursday’s session to $1.71 following the company’s share buyback. At the end of the last trading session, USEA stock finished at $1.52. How did USEA go through the buyback plan? In a press release released today, United Maritime Corp. (USEA) announced that it has repurchased […]

Why Did Velo3D (VLD) Stock Rise In Extended Trading?

Shares of Velo3D Inc. (NYSE: VLD) increased 10.29% after hours to $5.25 after receiving a significant order. The VLD stock closed Wednesday’s session at $4.76, up 10.19%. A total of 1.47 million shares were traded, a lower volume than the 2.05 million shares traded on average over the past 50 days. What does VLD get […]

Tracking Today’s Hot Stock: Marathon Digital (MARA)

The stock of Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: MARA) is rising after publishing an update for the last month, currently trading at $12.60 up 7.83%. There were 9.07 million shares traded, which is lower than the 19.25 million average volume over the last three months. MARA has provided which update? Marathon Digital (MARA), the bitcoin […]

Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL): Stock That Needs Special Handling

Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL) failed to achieve Wall Street’s profit forecasts in the most recent quarter. However, investors are generally optimistic about the company’s long-term prospects, particularly given the expanding advertising industry. It is worth noting that advertising in some form or other accounts for over 80% of Alphabet’s revenue, so any changes in this […]