Investor Excitement Builds As Lexaria (LEXX) Unveils New Research Venture

The start of a new clinical study has caused a notable spike in the stock price of Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (NASDAQ: LEXX), which increased by 32.54% to $4.48 in the most recent trading session. Details of an 8-week animal research named WEIGHT-A24-1 were released by LEXX yesterday. The study’s goal was to investigate the effects of both DehydraTECH-processed cannabidiol and glucagon-like peptide 1 (“GLP-1”) medications on weight reduction and diabetes, both separately and in combination.

In partnership with a Canadian research laboratory accredited by Health Canada, this study is being carried out.  Manufacturing of the compositions for the first 8 arms of the study has been completed, with commencement expected within 45 days. Each arm will undergo an 8-week dosing period after an acclimation period.

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During that period, over 1,500 blood plasma samples will be collected from a total rat population of 72 animals for detailed pharmacokinetic analyses. Body weight and blood glucose readings will also be monitored throughout the study. To find out if DehydraTECH processing improves brain absorption over non-DehydraTECH techniques, brain tissue analysis will be done when everything is finished.

Additionally, the study will assess DehydraTECH-processed semaglutide with and without SNAC technology, currently present in Rybelsus tablets. Interim results will be reported before the study concludes. Some study arms will have delayed start dates due to necessary information outputs from other arms. Lexaria will provide updates once animal dosing begins.

Previous animal research by Lexaria has demonstrated increased drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier and into brain tissue with DehydraTECH processing, but it remains unclear if this applies to GLP-1 drugs. The WEIGHT-A24-1 study aims to address this question. Recent research suggests that GLP-1R agonists penetrate the brain and activate neurons in the arcuate nucleus, leading to weight loss.

Lexaria hopes that evidence of greater penetration of DehydraTECH-processed GLP-1 drugs into brain tissue could explain their potential effectiveness in weight loss and blood sugar control. This could ultimately enable lower dosing and reduce adverse side effects.

Lexaria Bioscience’s stock surge is fueled by anticipation surrounding the WEIGHT-A24-1 study, which seeks to uncover the potential of DehydraTECH-processed drugs in addressing diabetes and weight loss through enhanced brain absorption and efficacy.

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