Upwork Inc. (UPWK) stock is down to 6.88% – Latest Updates

UPWK stock
UPWK stock

Upwork Inc. (UPWK) experienced a decrease of -7.13% in the aftermarket. However, the last trading session closed at $28.21 with a decrease of 2.56%.

Appointment of New Global Head of Public Policy – More About it

UPWK announced the appointment of a new global head of public policy on 13th January 2022. In the newly established job of vice president, worldwide head of government policy and administrative relations, Patrick Hedren has joined the organization. Workplaces are rapidly evolving. Professionals are rethinking their objectives and reinventing themselves. Some people are taking on new jobs that are more in line with their principles.

Moreover, others are combining their full-time careers with revenue passion projects, and many are leaving traditional professions to work as freelancers, which allows them greater flexibility. In order to bridge skills gaps, expand teams, and drive innovation, companies are upgrading their long-term management and recruiting strategies. Likewise, Hedren will play a key role in influencing public policy to help businesses navigate the future of work as Upwork expands its work marketplace.

Now what?

Policymakers throughout the world are becoming more aware of the changing nature of employment, and the company is proud of its role in this shift. Moreover, UPWK couldn’t be happier that Patrick has joined the team because his appointment will continue to enable and develop how we advocate for professionals taking charge of their careers by harnessing the Upwork job marketplace.

Top 10 Most In-Demand Skills – What’s up?

On 11th January 2022, UPWK reported the topmost in-demand skills in the field of marketing, technology, and customer service independent talent 2022. According to the report, web design, WordPress, web programming, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, Shopify, API, and graphic design, social media marketing,  SEO, Lead Generation, Marketing strategy, email marketing, online chat support, data entry, administrative support, phone support, and email support are the in-demand skills nowadays.

To remain competitive, each organization competes for the best talent. This frequently entails looking for independent people with advanced abilities in areas such as technology, marketing, or customer service, rather than hiring traditional full-time workers. Furthermore, the research shows that not only is there a high demand for a wide range of professional skills but also that organizations large and small are changing their hiring strategies and turning to freelancers to cover important skill gaps.


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