Optec International (OPTI) Stock: Worth Taking a Bite?

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Optec International, Inc. (OPTI) closed the last session at $0.0120 after seeing a rise of 13.21% that brought its market cap to $29.12M. The OPTI stock traded 30.29M shares recently, less than its average daily volume of 33.01M. In addition, the OPTI shares have been trading in a range of $0.0100 to $0.0120. The pink sheets OPTI has 1.68B shares outstanding vs 9.59M float. OPTI stock took off as demand for its products surged.

What OPTI items are popular?

With Locations in Carlsbad and Vista, California, OPTEC International is a designer and maker of the OPTEC Fuel Maximizer items alongside electronic LED, Ultraviolet (U.V.) and UV-C wellbeing items and related cutting edge innovations and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) items. OPTI’s Temperature Scanning product offering is being sent off when H.R. chiefs and offices supervisors are encountering outrageous worry regarding guarding conditions during the worldwide pandemic emergency and the safe resuming of the U.S. economy.

OPTEC International last week declared the new flood popular for its PPE items because of the quick spread of the most recent pandemic which has encouraged a mind-boggling interest for OPTI’s available PPE items.

  • OPTI holds a huge Inventory of Medical and Respirator covers which are presently transportation day by day the nation over to wholesalers and clinical offices.
  • OPTI’s stock of Antigen Rapid Test units sold out in a 24-hour time frame, and it has gotten extra requests for a very long time thousand Test Kits.
  • OPTI is right now obtaining substitution stock to fill the interest from various producers, in the US and abroad.
  • OPTI is sending off a new on-line site explicitly for the acquisition of Medical inventory and PPE items for mass and buyer buys.
  • The new site will fuse the capacity for makers and merchants to list their items available to be purchased, further extending the accessible stock and assets.
  • OPTI’s new site is relied upon to send off this month.
  • Since the critical increment as of late in fuel costs across the world, OPTI has gotten various new merchant requests to convey the organization’s Fuel Maximizer items in the US and abroad.

OPTI’s share cancellation move:

OPTEC International (OPTI) as of late dropped 30,000 Preferred shares recently gave to Amazon Management LLC for the Z2O exclusive “Uber of Cleaning” innovation obtaining in August 2020. The scratch-off of the offers actually leaves regions for settlement conversations from the first agreement for installment of the 72% procurement part of Amazon Management. The dropping didn’t comprise a full and last settlement among Amazon and OPTI however it prepared for conversations to a friendly settlement understanding. The dropping addressed a 31.5 % decrease of the Issued and extraordinary Preferred shares of OPTI.


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