Is This Why The GNCP Stock Losing The Grounds Today?


GNCC Capital Inc (OTC-GNCP) stock is losing grounds in early trades today falling -50.00% to $0.0002. GNCP stock soared significantly on Friday as it recorded a rise of 33.33%. GNCP Stock performance over the last week was stable versus its monthly performance of 100.00%. GNCP stock seems to be victim of profit taking today after a price gain on Friday.
What made GNCP gain foothold already?
GNCC Capital through its auxiliary, BioCann Pharma S.A.S., delivers and sells CBD drug grade oils. GNCP sells its items through appropriation diverts in Colombia and all through Latin America. GNCP is situated in Las Vegas, Nevada. GNCP has additionally interests in Gold and Silver Mining Exploration Properties, specifically: “White Hills”, “Yarber Wash”, “McCracken” and “Pearl Spring”.
GNCC Capital this month alluding to its Statement dated November 16, 2021 affirmed that it had submitted further reactions to OTC Markets Compliance to audit and in regard of the FURTHER AMENDED Q3 Report; and all together for the Company to be restored to that of PINK CURRENT.
• GNCP unmistakably expressed that its last reaction to OTC Markets Compliance questions was on Monday November 8, 2021.
• GNCP’s Corporate Counsel is presently managing OTC Markets Compliance to determine this issue as we, as Directors; have not at this point, heard back from OTC Markets Compliance.
• GNCP affirmed that all together close the exchanges relating to the Lithium Projects, the Company is needed to be PINK CURRENT.
• GNCP has figured out how to stretch out the end time span to guarantee that the Company is no risk of losing these (or some other) exchanges because of these extended deferrals in its being reestablished to that of PINK CURRENT.
• GNCP repeated that according to the Directors, it is improbable that OTC Markets Compliance will require any further altered Q3 Reports to be documented.
• Upon their audit of reaction of November 8, 2021; GNCP hopes to be restored to that of PINK CURRENT minus any additional unlimited deferrals.
• OTC Markets Compliance isn’t scrutinizing its Filings; they essentially mentioned some explanation on one issue and recently mentioned a couple of little revisions; the last were submitted to them on November 8, 2021.
• OTC Markets Compliance has affirmed to GNCP that no Attorney Letter is needed for Quarterly Reports; that is just needed for Annual Reports so it doesn’t matter to the concern at all.
• GNCP comprehends that investors are incredibly restless for its reestablishment to that of PINK CURRENT with the goal for itself to declare exchanges that rely on its being PINK CURRENT.
What GNCP encouraged?
GNCC Capital (GNCP) asked investors to keep on practicing tolerance for an issue which will be settled and that there is no compelling reason to continually contact the Company over that issue. GNCP affirmed that it has this matter close by and is intently checking the circumstance.


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