What Drove Ramaco (METC) Stock Up 8% Today?


The shares of Ramaco Resources Inc. (METC) rose 8.13% to $15.43 at the last check. In the previous session, the METC stock closed at $14.27. Volume of METC shares was 0.46 million shares, higher than the average of 0.38 million shares per day over the past 50 days. Over the last 12 months, METC shares have risen by 367.18%, and over the past week, they have declined by 1.45%.

METC stock has gained 123.67% over the past three months, while it has gained 256.75% during the past six months. At present, MEC’s shares outstanding totaled 44.18 million, and its market cap is $618.60 million. METC stock soared following an announcement that it has been acquiring some mining assets.

METC made what move?

Ramaco Resources delivers and sells metallurgical coal. METC’s improvement portfolio incorporates the Elk Creek project comprising of around 20,166 acres of land of controlled mineral and 25 creases situated in southern West Virginia. METC’s Berwind property contains roughly 31,200 acres of land of controlled mineral and a space of Squire Jim crease coal stores, which is arranged on the line of West Virginia and Virginia.

The Knox Creek property of METC is comprise of roughly 62,100 acres of land of controlled mineral that is situated in Virginia; and the RAM Mine property including roughly 1,570 acres of land of controlled mineral, which is arranged in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Ramaco reported that it has finished 2022 deals dealings to its North American steel clients. METC has now contracted to sell 1.67 million tons of both low unstable and high unpredictable coal at a general normal cost of generally $196 per short ton FOB mine.

  • These deals convert into more than $325 million out of 2022 booked income.
  • In light of METC’s present mine expenses, changed vertical for higher deals related cost, the profit from these homegrown deals are assessed to create generally $190 million of adjusted EBITDA in 2022.
  • These finished homegrown deals address roughly 54% of METC’s extended 2022 production of 3.1 million tons.
  • The equilibrium of generally 1.5 million tons of 2022 production will be sold into trade markets, at what is right now higher list based valuing.
  • METC reported that its Board of Directors approved the commencement of a customary quarterly profit to be paid start in the first quarter of 2022.
  • The amount of the profit and timing of both the record date and payment date will be set at METC’s Board meeting to be held toward the beginning of December.

METC’s acquisition effort:

Ramaco (METC) likewise reported that it has now executed an Asset Purchase Agreement with organizations claimed by Coronado Global Resources Inc. (“Coronado”) to buy specific resources from Coronado (the “Amonate Assets”). The cash consideration for the obtaining is $30 million to be paid at closing, expected to happen by mid-November. The acquisition will be promptly accretive to the Company starting in 2022.


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