Is This Why The CurrencyWorks (CWRK) Stock Skyrocketed Last Trading?


CurrencyWorks Inc (OTCQB:CWRK) closed the last session at $0.4500 after rising 42.77% and bringing its market capitalization to $32.03M. In recent trading, CWRK stock traded 608.92K shares, less than its average daily volume of 630.85K. Additionally, CWRK stock has been trading in a range of $0.3121 to $0.4500. On the pink sheets, CWRK has 71.18M outstanding shares and 22.25M float. A film festival segment has been hosted by CWRK’s NFT platform, boosting its stock price.

Where has CWRK been hosting that event?

CurrencyWorks is an industry leader in the development and operation of full-service blockchain platforms. Blockchain pioneer, digital coin and payment platform developer, and NFT provider, CWRK is an innovator in financial technology.

CurrencyWorks announced that its NFT platform for feature films, VUELE will host the welcome party at the Austin Film Festival (AFF). The event is being held from October 21-28, 2021.

  • AFF, now in its 28th year, supports writers and filmmakers by inspiring them and championing their work.
  • Over 200 panelists will participate in the event, which is the world’s largest screenwriters’ conference.
  • Panelists will also discuss plays, podcasts and digital series in addition to film and television.
  • In the first 11 weeks of sales, CWRK’s VUELE has amassed more than $90,000 from sales of its ZERO CONTACT NFTs.
  • On top of the feature-length film, the NFTs include highly requested content such as crypto art and behind-the-scenes footage.
  • The CWRK receives an ongoing royalty each time an NFT is purchased or sold.
  • In addition to hosting this event, VUELE looks forward to discussing the opportunities that VUELE’s platform offers the film industry.
  • CWRK is preparing to launch the next ZERO CONTACT NFT.
  • The Exclusive Edition NFTs will be available on VUELE for VUELE members.
  • CWRK and Enderby Entertainment founded VUELE as a joint venture.
  • Feature films and digital collectible entertainment content are delivered to consumers via this direct-to-consumer viewing and distribution platform.

CurrencyWorks on Tuesday revealed the details of the second of Motoclub’s NFT packs, which is for the Barrett-Jackson 2021 Las Vegas Series.

  • It took less than an hour and under sixteen minutes respectively to sell out the previous two drops in the Series, (the Rare and Epic tiers).
  • It is now time for the CWRK Motoclub brand to reveal the vehicles that will star in the Elite tier, which will debut on October 26, 2021.
  • Each pack will cost $200 USD and only 25 packs will be available.
  • This year’s Barrett-Jackson 2021 Las Vegas Series Elite packs include 25 separate NFTs, each containing high-resolution photos, videos and hand-drawn illustrations that depict digital highlights of each historic sale.

Trading on CWRK platform:

A purchaser will not receive an entire set of each vehicle’s NFTs in one pack since pack contents are randomized. Through the Motoclub trading platform, which is currently in development with CurrencyWorks (CWRK), buyers will be encouraged to sell and trade their way to a complete series.


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