POETF Stock Jumped Nearly 26% Last Session, Why?


Poet Technologies Inc (OTCQX:POETF) traded in a day range of $1.0250 to $0.8200 on Tuesday, closing up 25.85 percent at $1.0000. With 205.56K shares on average for the month, shares of POETF stock rose over 12.36% during the last month. POETF’s performance over the past three months has seen its share price increase 7.63% while average volume was 197.33K. The POETF stock has had a good year, rising over 140.17% in 12 months to a high of $1.2800 and a market cap of $353.34 million. After receiving an overwhelming response in two events, the POETF stock soared.

POETF has participated in which events?

A design and development company, POET Technologies develops integration solutions leveraging its innovative Optical Interposer technology. Using wafer level semiconductor manufacturing techniques and packaging methods, POETF’s platform can seamlessly integrate electronic and photonic devices. The Optical Interposer from POETF eliminates the need for expensive components and labor-intensive assembly, alignment, burn-in and testing methods used in traditional photonics. Toronto is the headquarters of POETF, which operates out of Allentown, Pennsylvania, Shenzhen, China, and Singapore.

Yesterday, POET Technologies announced that a leading network systems manufacturer committed to purchasing a POET Optical Interposer with a multi-engine design for 100G CWDM4 and 100G LR4 optical engines.

  • NRE and purchase orders for initial units total more than US$1.2 million.
  • For several months, POETF has been working with the customer on an innovative design that integrates multiple optical engines into an industry standard transceiver module, something that can only be achieved through a POETF Optical Interposer.
  • Client-side communication for major telecom networks is handled by LR4 using rigorous standards for data communication between backbone networks and data centers around the world.
  • Customer of POETF is already active in the existing telecom industry and, with POETF’s Optical Engines, will be able to deliver superior performance to its customers at a price that cannot be matched now by any other solution.
  • LightCounting’s September 2020 report forecasts an increase in demand for 100G LR4 transceiver modules with a 10km range, reversing its previous annual revenue forecast of $300 million to $700 million in the 2020-2025 timeframe.
  • Using the established 100G technology approved by major telecom carriers, modules based on the POETF’s Optical Engine can deliver the equivalent of 200G to 400G speeds.
  • POETF’s unique form factor includes monolithically integrated mux and demux.

What does this mean for POETF?

POETF’s Optical Interposer’s hybrid integration approach and POETF’s unique platform solution are proving to be a market success, reflected in a Tier 1 commitment and numerous other recent customer engagements. POETF shared that its unaudited cash balance stood at approximately $20 million at September 30, 2021.


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