Why Did Illustrato Pictures (ILUS) Stock Plummet In Last Trading?


Illustrato Pictures International Inc (OTCPINK: ILUS) plunged -11.17% to $0.4007 at yesterday’s close. The volume of ILUS stock was 67.74M, whereas its average weekly volume was 58.49M. The ILUS stock plunged even after the terms of the acquisition were completed.

What has ILUS been purchasing?

Illustrato Pictures operates from New York as a public investment company, specializing in mergers and acquisitions. Its offices in Dubai and London add value to shareholder shareholders through innovation, acquisitions and growth. ILUS has adjusted its vision in line with technological advancements. This includes the manufacturing sectors.

A major focus of ILUS is on innovative emergency and life-safety technologies, including electric utility vehicles, specialist vehicles for conversion, disruptive firefighting equipment, wearable technology, and related software solutions. ILUS has acquired carefully selected businesses that align with its vision, and it seeks to acquire additional companies with disruptive or innovative technology which already generate $1-10 million in annual revenue.

Ilustrato Pictures announced yesterday that it has officially signed a letter of intent to acquire a financially successful trucking company based in the U.S. This company holds multiple exclusive distributorship contracts for the sale of some of the world’s largest firefighting brands, with current revenue of $3 million annually.

After all approvals have been granted, ILUS will announce a press release that will reveal the company name and other key details such as the exclusive distribution product names and contracts once the seller has approved the sale. A number of acquisitions are being completed during the 3rd quarter of 2021 by ILUS, as well as acquisition targets in Europe and the Middle East.

ILUS is close to completing its European and US acquisitions, but determined that it was of priority to enter the US market with a distribution model that already exists for its existing products as well as the existing distribution of fire and rescue products that are widely used and in high demand in America. Due to the importance of this strategy, ILUS prioritized completing its distribution acquisition before proceeding with other upcoming acquisitions.

How will this acquisition benefit ILUS?

Through the acquisition of a leading US distributor, ILUS has gained access to the US market for firefighting equipment, as well as police and EMS equipment. It is a well-known industry name that has been in business for nearly 20 years. As well as many local distribution contracts with nearby states, it also has several nationwide distribution contracts. A leading global brand of rescue tools and equipment, a world leader in turnout gear, and the world’s largest hydraulic rescue equipment manufacturer has exclusive contracts with the target company.


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