McAfee Corp. (MCFE) stock received a contract from CenturyLink

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FIVE Stock

McAfee Corp. (NASDAQ: MCFE), a cybersecurity service provider, has been awarded a contract with telecommunications company CenturyLink to provide data protection. McAfee shareholders should consider this a positive signal and an indication of the company’s ability to attract large customers.

CenturyLink is one of the largest communications companies in the United States. Offering voice, fiber, data streaming, and other services to both consumers and enterprises. CenturyLink has selected McAfee’s safety solutions for its modems and other internet-connected devices.

Furthermore, McAfee Advanced Protection Service is available for computers and mobile devices. With this acquisition, McAfee not only gained a large customer but more importantly, access to an expanded audience and revenue opportunity.

Previously, McAfee has provided security services to CenturyLink: it has prevented more than 40 million attempts to hack and inject malicious code. Moreover, during the period of COVID-19, Internet user activity steadily increased, and cyber threats increased along with it.

Among the most vulnerable parts of communication services, Wi-Fi networks are often perceived by users as the most vulnerable. This stimulates the demand for cyber defenses at the individual level. McAfee focuses on this layer and offers comprehensive protection against the most common threats such as computer viruses, ransomware, spyware, unauthorized access to IoT networks, etc.

McAfee Corp. (NASDAQ: MCFE) closed the last trading session at $28.02 on Wednesday, June 30. With the recent change, the company’s market capitalization reached $12.09 billion.


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