Walt Disney Co (DIS) Stock: Better Than You Think


Disney (NYSE: DIS) reported revenues nearly 5% higher in 2021 than in 2019. The company is doing better than expected in terms of its recovery. There are several factors that contribute to growth.

The first thing that is starting to happen is that Disney theme parks are opening. Which have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now the company is able to benefit from deferred demand and may charge higher ticket prices. The annual increase in the cost of recreation in theme parks has proven to be successful so far and has helped the company increase revenues.

However, Walt Disney Co (DIS) should be careful about raising Disney’s value, since the purchasing power of the desired audience is limited. People with incomes under $75,000 a year would love to vacation in Disney parks, according to an insider survey. In addition, people with an annual income between $150,000 and $99,999 are less likely to enjoy Disney parks.

Disney (DIS) stock is also benefiting from the growing popularity of its Disney + streaming service. By releasing popular content on the streaming platform, it has reached 100 million subscribers. Nearly 700,000 families paid for Cruella, according to some analysts. And the most recently viewed series was Loki’s on the first day. Approximately 890,000 families watched it.

This summer, Disney (DIS) has several films that could be blockbusters. It is notable that Disney films have been in the top ten highest-grossing films in the United States and abroad for several years in a row.

Therefore, Disney starts full-scale work in all of its major areas against the backdrop of an economic recovery and increasing social activity in America.

Additionally, the differentiated business model and the sheer amount of data that companies now receive is a catalyst. A company can, for instance, quickly determine whether to release a particular merchandise based on the popularity of characters and franchises on its streaming services or in movie theaters.

On June 24, The Walt Disney Company (DIS) closed at $177.93, with a gain of 1.48% or $2.60. During the trading, the company recorded a volume of 7.55 million shares.



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