Sigilon Therapeutics Inc. (SGTX) Stock is Rising Immensely, Here is What You Need to Know

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Sigilon Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: SGTX), a biotechnology company that specializes in creating immune privileged products, new class therapeutics, and functional cures for chronic diseases via its Shielded Living Therapeutics™ platform, announced that four abstracts were chosen to appear at the presentation of American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) 24th Annual Meeting, which will be held digitally from May 11-14, 2021.

At last check-in premarket trading, shares of Sigilon Therapeutics Inc. (SGTX) were up 7.55% at $14.95. The stock of SGTX lost -5.70% to complete the last trading session at $13.90. The price range of the company’s shares was between $13.86 and $15.52.The shares of Sigilon Therapeutics Inc. have retreated -8.97% in the last five days; however, they have lost -37.81% over the last one month

Presentation Detail.

The presentation includes early results from the study of Sigilon’s novel Shielded Living TherapeuticsTM (SLTx) technology in testing of animals, inducing immune-mediated hepatitis and hypoparathyroidism, which depicts the diversifications of Sigilon’s pipeline programs. Generally, SLTx has shown adequate potential to overcome limitations linked with present therapies for these immune-mediated and metabolic problems.

The presentations will be available on May 11th, on the ASGCT website. Posters will also be available in the Publications section of Sigilon’s corporate website after the presentation is concluded.

The presentation titled as “A Scaled and Semi-Automated Cell Encapsulation Process for a Shielded Cell-Based Platform for Chronic Diseases” will be focusing on Cell Therapy Product Engineering, Development or Manufacturing.

The presentation with the title “Continuous Delivery of IL-10 Using the Shielded Living TherapeuticsTM Platform Leads to Modulation of Immune Cell Function and Prevents Liver Damage in Preclinical Model of Immune-Mediated Hepatitis” will be emphasizing upon Hematologic and Immunologic Diseases.

About Sigilon Therapeutics

Candidates of Sigilon products are non-viral engineered cell-based therapies developed to produce several significant proteins, enzymes or factors which is extremely essential for patients living with chronic diseases like hemophilia, lysosomal disorders, and diabetes. The engineered cells have protection due to Sigilon’sAfibromer™ biomaterials matrix, as a result immune rejection and fibrosis does is avoided.

Sigilon was initiated by Flagship Pioneering in with Daniel Anderson, Ph.D., and Robert Langer, Sc.D., of the MIT. In addition, President and Chief Executive Officer, Rogerio Vivaldi, M.D., has also presented a corporate overview at the 20th Annual Needham Virtual Healthcare Conference, on April 15th, 2021.


Sigilon’sAfibromer™ is revolutionizing the immune rejection space giving adequate medical attention to this are with unmet need. Furthermore, being part of several presentations in the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) 24th Annual Meeting has raised investor interest for the company.


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