Is Manhattan Associates Inc. (MANH) In A Position for Major Growth?   


This company develops software for managing supply chains. Manhattan Associates, Inc. (MANH) reports substantial growth in cloud subscription sales and improved operating margins.

Revenues were $ 156.9 million for Manhattan Associates in the last quarter, compared with $ 153.9 million a year earlier. Service revenue rose 8.7 % to $ 80.4 million. Subscription sales increased 35% year-over-year. Earnings per share excluding share-based compensation were adjusted to $0.43 compared to $0.40 last year.

Over the last three years, operating cash flow has tripled to $ 39.9 million. While the company bought back over 200 thousand shares, the cash stock reached $ 197.2 million, a small decrease.

Providers of omnichannel commerce tools such as supply chain management and omnichannel analytics are Manhattan Associates. The tools from Manhattan Associates help you combine your internal and external data and integrate them into one seamless system. Various retailers, wholesalers, customer fulfillment centers, logistics companies, etc., utilize the MANH stock’s services.

Manhattan Associates doesn’t make any forecasts for this quarter and full year, citing COVID-19’s uncertainty. Yet, the management noted that several positive factors were growing more substantial and that there was the potential for continued growth in 2021.

At the close of trading, Manhattan Associates Inc. (MANH) gained 12.24% to close at $144.02. Shares of the MANH stock traded between $130.05 and $145.5747. It traded 1.46 million shares over its average daily volume of 0.34 million shares over 100 days. MANH’s shares have soared by 17.46% in the last five days, while they have gained 23.88% in the last month. Further, the MANH stock’s current ratios are 106.21 prices to earnings and 41.74 prices to book. Further, a 65.60 price-to-cash-flow ratio was recorded.


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