Express Inc. (EXPR): The Apple in the eye of Reddit


Express (EXPR) and GameStop (GME) stocks are the most popular among reddit users. In recent days they were backed by the users that eventually led into boost of these stocks.  A band of Reddit users has driven a surge in GameStop stock which resulted into the boost of other companies like EXPR, AMC, NOK etc. This was observed when on 27th January, the Express stock had a high spike with a value of $9.55 from $1.79.

About Express Inc.

Express Inc. is an American fashion retailer company that was founded in 1980. Its headquarter is located in Columbus, Ohio, United states. Company mainly targets young men and women having age of between 20 to 30. It offers apparel and accessories for work, Jeanswear, casual, and going out occasions.

On 25th February, the EXPR Stock price surged 11.38% to $3.95 right after the market opening at 10am.

Sunshine after a Dark Night.

The company faced major setbacks during the pandemic, and it was estimated that 100 stores were closed during the pandemic. This resulted into closure of 10% company headquarter jobs.
The company got a major boost from Reddit users whom main target was the GameStop.


Each company face rise and fall. The Express Inc. saw the same trend during the pandemic and had value of just $1.79. Th Express jumped extremely high on 27th January and its spike reached to value of $9.55 after they got an extreme boost from Reddit users. This made a greater opportunity for not only the company to grow but also for investors in order to invest.


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