Cloudera (CLDR) Added About 9% Past Week, Achieved A Significant Certification Milestone


Last Wednesday, Big Data and Deep Learning Solutions Provider Cloudera Inc. (CLDR) reported that it has obtained SOC 2 certification, which helps organizations with expanded data security standards to offer services.

Cloudera has earned the SOC 2 Form II certification, which is identified as a basic qualification for strictly controlled business areas by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Certification means verifying compliance with a set of ISO and IEC requirements and is carried out by independent auditors daily. This is usually a measure of how good consumer information is secured and how efficient sensitive information is.

Conformity with strict criteria is an important consideration for Cloudera. Eight of the world’s top ten biggest corporations, nine of the world’s largest pharmaceutical firms, and all of the world’s largest telephone companies are among its customers.

Businesses, particularly in a multi-cloud environment, are striving to protect and regulate their data. Under a regulatory system, enterprises are expected to protect data and many are likely to face additional data protection laws shortly, said Eddie Garcia, CIO at Cloudera. Several of the leading corporations in the most monitored and vulnerable industry trust Cloudera Data Platform, and this recognition justifies our continued dedication to data protection, governance, and privacy.

A Shared Data Experience (SDX) toolkit is available for the Cloudera application that incorporates the latest advances in the area of critical data management. In particular, it uses metadata to track cloud systems on an ongoing basis, as well as smart security measures for various scenarios, data warehouse workloads, and data centers. SDX’s role is to ensure compulsory permission of access and track the use of data.

Cloudera, therefore, remains one of the leading providers of IT services for enterprise cloud and retains opportunities for further expansion.

Cloudera Inc. (CLDR) stock was down -2.55% on Friday to close the weekend session at $15.27 but was up roughly 9% over the week.


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