MKS Instruments (MKSI) Stock Rose 34% This Year, Delivering Products To Greater China Region


MKS Instruments, Inc. (MKSI), a producer of industrial equipment, has recently announced major deliveries to China of its new production units. This is a good indicator for the company’s long-term investors, which continue to be one of the leading technology providers for an important industry.

80 ESI CapStone machines for laser processing of printed circuit boards (PCBs) were purchased by a major customer from China, according to MKS Instruments. This is the current iteration of MKS Tools, which utilizes high-frequency lasers. Increased efficiency and less faulty goods characterize the machines.

The management of MKS Instruments looks forward to further growth in the new system’s revenue, as it provides the necessary output in such challenging semiconductor production areas as 5G.

The CapStone technology of MKS Instruments has the benefit of processing lightweight and highly curved printed circuit boards that are increasingly used in compact electronics design, including smartphones, wireless charging, antennas, and displays.

The MKS Instruments range also includes other equipment including mass spectrometric residual gas analyzers, industrial mass spectrometers, gas generators, plasma generators, vacuum equipment, and much more. The production of MKS Instruments is an important part of high-tech manufacturing, so the business maintains a positive outlook.

The company announced last week that a leading technology leader in the HDI PCB manufacturing market placed order for multiple ESI Geode HDI via drilling systems in Taiwan. The customer will benefit from this multi-unit order for its existing manufacturing and future technological development via leading-edge via drilling technology. The Geode HDI via drilling system has introduced HDI manufacturers to the performance advantages ESI technology has provided Flex PCB manufacturers for decades. Since its introduction to the market, Geode has gained significant traction among the industry’s top players.

MKS Instruments Inc. (MKSI) stock was marginally down -0.95% on Friday to conclude the weekend session at $147.65. Since beginning of the year, the Andover, Massachusetts-based company risen 34.22% which brought its market capitalization to about $8.2 billion.


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