HL Acquisitions (HCCH) and Fusion Fuel Green struck joint venture with EREE Desarrollos Empresariales

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HL Acquisitions Corp (NASDAQ: HCCH) and Fusion Fuel Green plc, its company partner, together revealed that Fusion Fuel has struck a deal with EREE Desarrollos Empresariales to introduce its revolutionary green hydrogen micro-electrolyzer technology.

Ignacio Esteve, Javier Esteban and Grant Greatrex, EREE’s partners, have considerable business experience as pioneers of huge solar plants and waste-to-gas technologies in Spain. The proposed partnership, Fusion Fuel Spain, will concentrate on the production and construction of green hydrogen plants in Spain using the cost-effective green hydrogen solution offered by Fusion Fuel.

Fusion Fuel has established a revolutionary micro-electrolyzer solution that can generate emission-free green hydrogen at rates comparable with brown hydrogen in combination with concentrated photovoltaic solar energy. Due to the region’s high average annual solar energy, which will allow it to produce highly efficient green hydrogen, Fusion Fuel claims Spain is an excellent spot for its technology.

Green hydrogen production and distribution falls into the decarbonization goals set by the European Commission. More than 9 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of hydrogen is released from traditional hydrogen processing, so moving to alternative production processes is critically necessary for reducing carbon emissions. Green hydrogen has wide uses as an energy supply for applications as diverse as electricity generation, heavy-duty transport, and manufacturing facilities, and can be used to decarbonize many sectors that are extremely energy-intensive and carbon-intensive.

Recently, Spain unveiled its Green Hydrogen Plan, outlining goals to reach 4 GW of built electrolyzer power and 4.6 million tonnes of carbon emission reductions by 2030. Spain already has launched several major strategic green hydrogen ventures to kickstart the growth of its hydrogen industry and is quickly ramping up investment in its hydrogen infrastructure.


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