Oblong, Inc. (OBLG) Consistent To Enhance Its Multi-share Collaboration Plans


Oblong, Inc. (OBLG) last week announced that it has been granted 7 patents over the course of 2020 in the face of global pandemic, a success which also demonstrates its leading position in multi-share collaboration offerings.

Oblong is an award-winning leading provider of multi-stream collaboration solutions while its Mezzanine technology platform provides team members with a unique multi-share environment enabling them to work together in-person while present at distant locations from each other.

Businesses around the world are returning to the workplaces and have been developing and adapting to new forms of hybrid collaboration. In this scenario Oblong is expecting the need of multi-share to be increasing significantly, Oblong’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter Holst said.

Oblong characterizes multi-share as a way which can provide scattered users with collaboration to simultaneously share view, and work with several streams of content. And Oblong’s Mezzanine is the leading player in this space which offers award-winning and technologically advanced solutions. The patents will further enhance company’s leading capabilities and will pave way to further improve and extend beyond the way conferences have been made today.

The recent patent grant updates Oblong’s patent portfolio to further buildup company’s stake in technologies, modes and designs for remote collaboration. This strategic outlay is in line to cater the increasingly rising demand for advanced multi-share collaboration solutions in the workplaces during pandemic as well as post-pandemic set-ups. These solutions have been providing high reliability and synchronization for software communication, user interface and interaction with innovative approach. These are also helping company building, maintaining and improving its products in a way more efficient and faster than other player in this space.

Oblong hears and understands the unique demand s of its customers in post-pandemic workplace. The company is exceptionally aligned to design, develop and deploy new tools for collaboration between remote teams to enhance the current collaboration experience its Mezzanine has currently been providing, Holst added.


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