Document Security Systems, Inc. (DSS)’s Efforts Around Efficacy Testing of Pan-Coronavirus Vaccine


Document Security Systems, Inc. (DSS) started the month announcing formation of a new wholly owned subsidiary by its wholly-owned subsidiary Impact BioMedical, Inc. DSS is multinational company operating businesses focusing on blockchain security, healthcare, securitized digital assets, real estate, direct marketing, and brand protection technology. The new subsidiary, Innate Immune, Inc. has been formed by Impact BioMedical to start efficacy testing of a special type of vaccine designed to provide protection against several of the coronavirus types.

Highly pathogenic coronaviruses has been emerging increasingly, and the scenario is continuously causing a major threat to human health, said Director of Scientific Initiatives of Impact BioLife and founder of GRDG Sciences, LLC (“GRDG”), Daryl Thompson. Impact BioLife is a wholly owned subsidiary of Impact BioMedical whereas GRDG is an advanced research company. COVID-19 is likely to remain for a while, and our pan-coronavirus vaccine is designed to not only allow us to protect against it but also to quickly respond to any outbreaks of a similar virus in the future.

COVID-19 is part of a larger coronaviruses family, and these viruses are common throughout the world. Currently scientists are familiar with seven types of human coronaviruses which can be harmful to the human health. Those include types NL63, HKU1, and 229E which affect upper-respiratory tract of people with mild to moderate impact. On the other hand those human coronaviruses which can cause more severe pulmonary diseases in human beings include MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV, and recent SARS-CoV2 that caused COVID-19.

COVID-19 has already took a heavy toll of more than one million lives worldwide and is still disrupting the $133 trillion global economy, commented Jason Grady, Chief Operating Officer of DSS. Developing a pan-coronavirus vaccine could result in saving countless lives while reducing or even eliminating the types of disruption it has already created this year which impacted almost everyone on this planet. Grady added.


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