O2Micro International Limited (OIIM) Received Patents Grants


O2Micro International Limited (OIIM) commenced the month winning a patent grant for light source driving circuits together with a light sourcing module. O2Micro is an industry leader in high-performance integrated circuits and solutions through designing, development and marketing of the same.

On August 25, 2020, Under US patent number US 10,757,770 B2, the company was issued with 21 claims related to its invention of light source driving circuits and a light source module. The module provides integration with light from dual sources and supports a current allocation unit. The current allocation unit of the module regulates the current through each light source on the basis of the outputs from those light sources.

This light source driver provides the solution for applying multi-color lighting, commented Dr. Yung Lin, Executive Vice President at O2Micro. It provides color adjustment utilizing the company’s current-allocation technique. This technology will eliminate the need of changing bulbs by allowing light output temperature adjustments between traditional Warm Light and Pure White Light.
O2Micro also announced the grant of a patent in August for a system and method developed for charging/discharging switch control circuits for batteries. The company was issued 17 claims under US patent US 10,574,068 B2 on Feb 25, 2020.

A set of driving terminals and detection circuitry attached to those driving terminals was also included in a charge/discharge switch control circuit for a battery pack. In this invention, a switch circuit that enables the charging or discharging of the battery pack has been controlled through signals from the driving terminals. The detection circuitry regulates an interface that supply power to battery pack to charge and provides power to a load from the battery pack which results in a battery discharge.

This invention will help simplification of the battery pack design with in-built high side NFET drivers. The invention also provides various protections to make the system application more secure, said Dr. Guoxing Li, VP of Advanced Technology at O2Micro.


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