Orion Energy Systems Inc. (OESX) Expanding Its LED Lighting Footprints


Orion Energy Systems Inc. (OESX) earlier this month shared additional details about securing a turnkey LED lighting modification project for a new customer. Orion Lighting quoted the customer as large specialty retailer and referenced the opportunity reflected in its fiscal Q1 2021 quarterly results.

Orion Lighting is a provider of LED lighting systems and executer turnkey projects. The company installs and fits fixtures, provide controls and IoT capabilities, after sales system maintenance and services to manage the program.

Orion Lighting said that it has won a contract for cost-effective LED lighting project from a specialty retailer to be retrofit at is nationwide locations. In the initial phase of project, Orion Lighting will provide LED retrofit at nearly 390 locations. This will likely be generating revenue of about $8 million for the company. Orion Lighting’s fiscal 2021 will end on March 31, 2021 and revenue so generated will occur during its third and fourth quarters. Orion Lighting is expecting completing the project during late fiscal 2021 and early fiscal 2022 by retrofitting remaining of the customer’s stores.

Orion Lighting is pleased to add this new and nationwide retail customer to our turnkey LED lighting retrofit solutions, said Mike Altschaefl, Orion’s Board Chair and CEO. It will result help extending reach of our turnkey LED lighting retrofit solutions. Choosing Orion Lighting for this large-scale nationwide project further strengthened our service quality. We believe the project has been assigned because of the products and services we have been providing serving our customers. It also highlights the trust upon quality, value and long-term ROI of our LED lighting and control solutions.

We remained helping customers to digitize their business and reduce their carbon footprint through our efficient fixture designs. That helps us to easily and quickly install fixtures without causing any disturbance to the business of our customers, Altschaefl commented.


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